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Disowned Heidi

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May 8th, 2009

02:42 pm - AAARRRRRGHHH!!!!!
I tell them in class what's on the test. I give them a fucking practice test that looks exactly like the test. I tell them what's on the oral. I tell them where to look online if they want to see what is on the oral. I do this several times.

Do they prepare their skirts for the oral?

French orals are stimulating but difficult.

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May 5th, 2009

07:06 pm - I got a perfect score AND a hot pepper on "Rate my professor"


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May 4th, 2009

03:52 pm - Oh do not tell Ed Meese of my film!
I broke my ass in porn
a-riding a man's big horn
'twas no small schlong beneath his thong
I broke my ass in porn

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April 29th, 2009

02:02 pm - I need to get another picture up there

Whenever I answer a friend's post about something serious, it looks like I'm laughing AT them! I need a serious picture of me. Or at least neutral.

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April 26th, 2009

05:26 pm - Is that yours?

If you like comedies about lesbians, alcoholics, dieters, etc. check out www.isthatyours.com

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02:45 pm - It's too damn hot
It went from freezing to boiling... this summer is gonna SUCK! It's only April!

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April 16th, 2009

07:44 pm - I need ideas for firey activities, other than sex and cooking
I've got sex and cooking covered... what else is fire-y?

Poi? Do we trust me around poi? I am clumsy...

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April 6th, 2009

07:35 pm - Kickass diet dinner

OK, I made a dinner that was very exciting. 

Dandelion greens sauteed in balsamic vinegar and topped with balsamic reduction, fat free feta (35 calories), and 1/6 cup walnuts apiece (about 130 calories) with garlic and salt.


Whole wheat pasta (ended up being 90 calories per serving) served with a sauce made of caramelized onions (cooked in water, not grease), mushrooms, mustard, garlic, oregano, herbs, salt, fat free sour cream (about 30 calories worth per serving), and a tablespoon of truffle oil (125 calories / 4 = 31 extra calories per serving).

What was cool, was because the mushroom sauce added so much bulk, a measured out pasta serving for two ended up being four servings, so I have two servings left over for tomorrow.

This ended up being kicka**. I might even serve it to guests... and it was 316 calories plush about 2 cups of veggies, figure that is about 100 calories or so, that is 416 calories... very doable, for something with such high satisfaction. Even if you want to round up to 500, just in case, it is still very doable.

That's what is nice about sauces, they add a lot of bulk so you end up eating less pasta... and since the pasta is just a vehicle for the sauce anyways, it is just as satisfying. Even more so.

I also found out that fiddleheads are coming to Whole Foods tomorrow! I will serve them for Easter.

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05:44 pm - Blue
I've been a bit down, lately. My emotions are all over the place... I had a tantrum Saturday, something that used to happen regularly, but I really thought was under control. I've been sick... not "say home from work" sick, but constant coughing and exhaustion fit, which might hae something to do with it. Still, the hysterical fit bothered me. I wish it hadn't happened.

I'm not really settled in here. It's been hard for me to put down roots, knowing I'm going to leave soon. Also, I'm a naturally shy and reclusive person. I don't want to bother people, so I don't reach out much. But the problem is, if I quarrel with J there is no one nearby for me to talk to.

I am so very, very tired.

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April 5th, 2009

12:14 am - Dances with Wolves
Caught the tail end of it on PBS. I wonder now, as I did when it came out, why does Stands with Fist (the love interest) have such an awful hairstyle? All the other women in the village have pretty braids, but she has a hairstyle that is hideous, that wasn't even fashionable in 1990 when the film was made. WTF??? She looks like the village madwoman.

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