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It must have been cool to be a medieval catholic - Disowned Heidi

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June 4th, 2009

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05:24 am - It must have been cool to be a medieval catholic
For J's birthday last night, we went to St Chapelle, where we saw a harpsichord and violin concert. It was absolutely beautiful. The chapel is so full of stained glass windows, and what isn't window is painted and gilded, that you feel like you must be a diamond ring in a jewelry box. The music was wonderful, and looking up at the gorgeous blue and red and green and pink windows, I felt transported.

I was thinking about it the other day at Chartres. How cool it must have been when there was incense, and priests in heavily embroidered robes and nuns in veils, and fabulous music. It must have been so cool.

Church is so boring now. Even the nuns wear normal clothes.

But imagine back then!

On another topic, my cousin P is a perv. We had dinner at his house with his wife M, and his kids, who are a couple years younger than us, E and G.

His house is full of sex artwork. His lamp in the living room is the torso of a blindfolded naked lady. The bathroom has three prints of naked buttocks, ready to be penetrated, and one odd picture of... a brothel? It's a cartoon drawing of women who look like Jessica Rabbit, but with bigger boobs and hair, and wearing only bustiers and garter belts. Its a five story house, looking like a doll house so you can see inside. The girls are eating, peeing, showering, swinging, reading, washing, sleeping, dancing, playing instruments... everything you can imagine doing in this house and yard.

It was quite odd to be so out there about it. I mean, most of the pervs I know clean up a bit when family members come over! It was a bit creepy.

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